Scaffolding wrapping is one of the essential services that provide at Intelligent Scaffolding. In this article we will explain what scaffolding wrapping is, how it is used in our industry, and the benefits of using it.

Whenever you walk past an ongoing scaffolding project, chances are you will see that it is covered in protective sheeting. This what we call scaffolding wrapping. This type of service involves wrapping the scaffolding with a protective material and there’s several reasons and benefits for doing this.

Construction projects can be extremely complex and the scaffolding systems may need to be in place for several weeks or even months. During this time, there’s several scenarios that may cause obstacles that we are unable to prevent. One of the key reasons why scaffolding wrapping may is essential is to protect the project from weather and other environmental hazards. If there is heavy rain or strong winds, then there is a possibility that the site may receive damage. Scaffolding sheets can help project the site from outside interference such as this. The material we use can withstand tough conditions due to their strength and durability.

The safety of on-site workers as well as the general public is always a priority. When scaffolding wrapping is used, there is a reduced risk of injury to anyone within the vicinity. It can provide a stable environment for workers and prevents dust and flying particles from reaching the general public.

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