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Our construction scaffolding service has been used on hundreds of commercial construction projects supporting the construction phase of new-build and redevelopment schemes throughout Liverpool and the UK. We strive hard to support each project by taking into account multiple factors including health and safety on-site and neat scaffolding setup. Intelligent Scaffolding always aims to minimise impact to the public and are committed to delivering the best possible value for customers.

So what does construction scaffolding entail? The construction industry is extremely versatile. Projects could include everything from the development or renovation of small residential properties to the development of large-scale buildings such as skyscrapers, office facilities or sports stadiums. No matter the purpose or size of a project, if it involves construction work, then construction scaffolding will typically be required.

There are several reasons why construction scaffolding is important for projects. Scaffolding is essential for aiding construction workers in doing their job as well as creating a safe working environment. Scaffolding effectively provides a temporary stable platform to support work-in-progress structures and to allow construction workers to carry and transport materials. Above all else, a critical priority of scaffolding is to provide a safe way in which workers can work at height and to prevent accidents happening to someone passing by. Construction scaffolding also improves efficiency, enabling employees to do their job quickly and safely, and provides easy access to challenging situations.

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We know that health and safety measures are very important to our clients which is why we make sure that all our staff are fully trained and have passed relevant tests. We are number 1 approved by Liverpool City Council and fully accredited with some of the UK’s largest scaffolding associations.

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