Scaffolding on the Liverpool Cotton Exchange Building

We recently supported renovating a historic office building at the Cotton Exchange complex on Old Hall Street in Liverpool.

The Liverpool Cotton Exchange Building is one of Liverpool’s most historic buildings dating back to the early 1900s. Smack bang in the heart of Liverpool’s business district, the Cotton Exchange complex is home to some of the city’s biggest firms.

As one of Liverpool’s oldest buildings, the Cotton Exchange Building naturally deteriorates over time, meaning a renovation is necessary every so often. Our team recently provided scaffolding to support a team in renovating the building, helping to replace the windows and give the exterior a fresh look.

Our scaffolding solutions provided a safe and stable platform for workers to carry out their duties. As with all our projects, we ensured that work could be carried out quickly, safely and efficiently.

Cotton Exchange is managed by experienced property company Bruntwood and the complex houses several companies, including Kaplan International, a Starbucks cafe, Prima Cleaners, and Morecrofts Solicitors. Therefore, we aimed to minimise disruption by ensuring that business could continue without sacrificing safety. Signs were erected on the scaffolding to inform the public that businesses were open and entrances were kept clear of hazards.

Ultimately, our work ensured that renovations were completed quickly, on-site companies were not negatively affected, and health & safety incidents were prevented.

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