While at Intelligent Scaffolding we have years of experience providing scaffolding services across the country, particularly in the North West, we have a speciality in serving our home city of Liverpool.

We have worked on a wide range of scaffolding projects throughout Liverpool, from residential renovations to retail, community and government projects. Our scaffolders have worked on some of the most iconic buildings in the area, so it’s not hard to see why we are one of the city’s biggest scaffolding contractors and why we are the number 1 approved contractor by Liverpool City Council. Commercial and personal customers trust in us to deliver an efficient scaffolding service that gets the job done safely and successfully, allowing their day-to-day life to return to normal as soon as possible.

Here’s a selection of some of our top work in Liverpool…

1) Burger King, Lord Street

Recently we were tasked with helping the Liverpool Lord Street franchise of Burger King. As one of the busiest streets in Liverpool, filled with hundreds of shoppers on a daily basis, this presented several challenges in terms of keeping the public safe and preventing disruption to nearby businesses.

The restaurant was temporarily closed for unknown reasons in December 2018 and, as of August 2020, remained shut. As reported by the Liverpool Echo, remedial works were being carried out to the property with some asbestos materials present.

2) Tesco Metro, Clayton Square

Clayton Square is smack bang in the middle of Liverpool City Centre and the ideal destination for shoppers ahead of a non-stop day of shopping. Up until its recent closure in 2019, the Tesco Metro store at Clayton Square was ideally located to meet people’s supermarket needs.

While significant building work was carried out in 2014, we provided a range of services including scaffolding and safety netting. Once again, due to the proximity of the public, it was imperative that we made sure construction work was performed with safety in mind. We were also tasked with ensuring that work could be carried out without the store closing to customers.

3) Herculaneum Quay, Riverside Drive

Herculaneum Quay, an all-new luxurious property development, is one of the finest construction projects that we have worked on. This ambitious development involved years of work following several stalls but it looks set to be nearing completion. Based in the Riverside area of Liverpool, it sits nicely along the famous River Mersey and will bring 120 luxury apartments to the city.

One of the development’s core features is its verticality. At 17-storeys high, it will offer stunning views of Liverpool and will make a fashionable impression on the city’s skyline. With a project such as this, it’s important to provide scaffolding systems that allow the development to be constructed safely, while scaffolding hoists are useful in transporting materials and personnel to great heights.

4) NatWest Bank, Church Street

Next up it’s time to head back to Liverpool’s famous shopping district and Church Street is, without doubt, the place to be on a shopping day out. Here you can find everything from retail stores, restaurants, financial services, and much more. On the corner of Church Street is a property that has seen several tenants come and go over the years. Retail firms such as Select have made this property their home and most recently, NatWest bank.

In working on this project, we worked in conjunction with Nu Construction to provide scaffolding support systems, allowing work to be carried out ahead of NatWest’s upcoming arrival. We also provided scaffolding wrapping which is extremely important in protecting people and the site environment.

5) Liverpool Town Hall, High Street

Our last highlighted project to talk about is a great example of our variety and how we have also worked on government and council projects. The Liverpool Town Hall, based between High Street and Dale Street, is a civic suite and home to the Lord Mayor of Liverpool. It is a stunning Georgian building and has been a key backdrop in iconic scenes such as the Queen’s most recent visit and blockbuster films like Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and Tolkien.

With this project, it was important that we respected one of the city’s most historic and significant buildings. As a key tourist destination, as well as a place that visitors can tour inside, it was also key that work could be carried out without risking injury to anyone.

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