With a new national lockdown on the horizon, we explain how the latest UK regulations will affect the construction industry.

This year has been a challenging time and unfortunately, it isn’t quite over yet. Due to an increase in coronavirus infections, the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has announced that a new national lockdown will be imposed in England on Thursday, 5th November. The upcoming regulations, which is set to last for a month, will share many of the serious restrictions that were put in place with the first lockdown in March, except for some key exemptions. The lockdown will require that people stay at home as much as possible except for essential reasons and as a result, several industries across England will be halted.

So how will these new Covid-19 lockdown measures affect the construction industry? When the first lockdown was gradually lifted in May, this started with the construction industry being given the green light to resume. As described by the government, construction is a vital sector that enables the country to continue operating. Therefore, when the lockdown begins on Thursday, key workers who work in critical national infrastructure, manufacturing or construction will be allowed to continue working at their workplace. While these industries will continue, it’s important that actions are taken to protect staff and customers. This may include, where possible, carrying out a Covid-19 risk assessment, improving hygiene procedures, wearing face coverings, and maintaining social distancing.

At Intelligent Scaffolding, we are delighted to confirm that, under the current regulations, we are still operating during these challenging times. Due to the importance of our work in society, we will continue to provide our clients with the scaffolding services that they require. Our work is carried out in a Covid-Secure way to mitigate the risk of the disease and to ensure our staff and customers keep safe. For more information, please contact us.

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